The old ways of collecting information are inadequate in a complex environment. The most important part of information, subjective interpretation, gets lost in quantitative surveys and questionnaires. Open feedback tends to be expensive, slow and difficult to analyze.

Vimma helps you to take advantage of the most valuable information, in order to improve decision making and create concrete action plans.


VimmaRadar analyses the authentic text and language that your employees or customers use. VimmaRadar software applies vector analysis and computing to narrative understanding. The client receives a visual report which shows the shared experiences and the genuine culture and beliefs. This visual report is easy to share and makes it quicker to step to right actions.

VimmaRadar speeds up the rate of change you need.

VimmaRadar reveals customer, employee, stakeholder and cultural experience as people describes it:

  • Full service as a project: language based data collection, analysis and visual report with interpretation.
  • Added analysis: visual meta-analysis of existing qualitative data (e.g. open-ended survey feedback)
  • Software as service: access to our software


VimmaAction ensures that the insight is transformed into action. We build the participatory leadership and self-guided working skills by training.

  • Certificate training for consults in using VimmaRadar-method
  • Training for participative personal communication and interaction
  • Training for self-guided working methods, entrepreneurial thinking and personal productivity


Vimma is in mission for shared leadership and self-guided working.

We offer innovative technology and solutions that help people understand each other and achieve more.

We combine technology and human experience. We transform individual experience and language into cultural data that can be computed, analyzed by algorithms and reported visually. We support the change by training people.


We draw on a long record of satisfied clients in the private and public sectors. Our clients share the belief, that the true success lies in people. We are helping expert organizations, who are willing to involve employees for change and decision making.

”Vimma has been our strategic partner in creating new services. Vimma’s consultant understood our challenges right away and customer experience analysis was conducted efficiently. We received clear and top quality roadmap for the future. Vimma’s expertise in change management is really high!”

Juhana Häkkinen, Sales Director, RadioMedia, The Association of Finnish Broadcasters


Vimma is a startup company in a mission for shared leadership.

Our partners are experienced leadership, communications and training experts. We work in extensive partnership network and invest in technology development.

We are part of the Salomaa Group, family owned group of companies specialized in marketing communication.

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